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Illumine Analytics provides reporting and analytics services that are insightful, actionable, and accurate.  We are tool agnostic and choose a business intelligence tool based on your needs in order to manage costs and drive user adoption.  Illumine resources have extensive experience from developing operational reporting to building out all of your organizations analytics capabilities. 

Business Intelligence Development

Illumine provides business intelligence development services, specializing in Spotfire, Tableau, and Power BI tools. Our resources have extensive data & analytics experience ensuring high quality and professional results.

Reporting & Data Analytics

Illumine can develop analytic solutions that provide insightful analysis.  We have experience from operational reporting SLA's, KPI's, and financial modeling.  

Advanced Analytics

With the emergence of AI, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, harnessing the power of your data is more important than ever. Illumine can lead or augment your advanced analytic projects.

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